New Children’s Book Helps Children Learn That Creativity Comes From Within

Stephan Earl Releases Tupi Finds His Tune

PEMBROKE PINES, FL, SEPTEMBER 12, 2014 - Tupi Finds His Tune by Stephan Earl (published by SearlStudio Kids), is a bi-lingual book written in English and Spanish.  It helps children 0 to 3 years old learn that creativity comes from within.

It's carnival time and young Tupi awakes to the sights and sounds of celebration! But when Tupi tries to join in the singing and dancing, he can't seem to find his tune. Soon, Tupi begins a quest for his tune and learns that creativity comes from inside.

One day, Tupi the toucan awakes from his afternoon nap. He hears music, and remembers…

It’s carnival time! The rainforest is alive with singing and celebration.”

“Un día, Tupi, el tucán, despierta de su siesta en la tarde. En eso oye música y recuerda…

¡Es hora del carnaval! La selva vive con los cantos y la celebración.”

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